Hooded blanket, now with baby!

Back in October, my niece was born.  She is the apple of my eye and I’ve been knitting for her since well before she was out in the world.  When she was three weeks old, I posted some initial photos to a hooded blanket I made for her.  At the time, she was too small to actually be wrapped up in the blanket.

But now, at five months, she can be kept warm in the olive alpaca.  So because it’s way more fun to look at a baby wrapped up in a blanket than a teddy bear (no disrespect, A.G. Bear), here are some photos.

As a note for anyone who knits this project, it’s also a great way to entertain a baby.  In the last three photos above, you’ll see my brother bent over as he (gently) spun his little girl on the floor, swaddled in the blanket.  The hood kept her safely tucked in and she squealed with delight as she swished around on the floor.  Maybe don’t go with alpaca if you’re going to use it as a toy….but definitely get ready for lots of baby laughter.


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