Baby’s velveteen rabbit

For my niece’s first Christmas, I decided to give her The Velveteen Rabbit.  And of course, I couldn’t give her the beautiful book without her own rabbit to go with it.

Pattern: Vintage Rabbit by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner (Ravelry)
Yarn: Valley Yarns Goshen (10 ply) in Fawn and Natural

In the pattern, Sarah aptly notes that no two bunnies will look the same.  Depending on how you attach the arms and ears, what kind of stuffing you use, the stretch in your yarn, the nose, eyes and tail you give your bunny…all that will determine it’s character.  For that reason, I highly recommend this pattern because each rabbit you make will have a different spark and is truly one of a kind – just like the little one (or big one) who gets to play with it.


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