Pop-Up Movie Greeting Card

My dad is a tricky one to buy gifts for.  He never says he wants anything besides spending time together.  That’s all good and well but it’s hard to wrap up time.  This past Christmas, to meet both the criteria of having something to open and gift an activity to do together, I gave him a Fandango gift card.

To give the presentation some flair (since gift cards are pretty boring), I decided to make a 3D pop-up card to represent going to a 3D movie.

Popup Movie Card - front view

Luckily, Fandango has a custom option so you can have your own photo printed directly on the gift card.  I decided that gift card itself would be the movie screen for the pop-up.  I selected a goofy photo of me and my sister that the ol’ papabear photo-bombed, as you can see above.

To allow removal of the gift card, I attached it to the inside of the card using photo corners.  I also glued a theater curtain to the inside of the card to make it feel more like a fancy-pants movie screen.

For the 3D effect, I created 2 layers of pop-up.  To do that, I cut two bars that would fold out close to the seam of the card and two others that would fold out farther away.

On the layer closer to the “screen” (i.e. the top-inner fold of the card), I created a row of moviegoer silhouettes, seated in their chairs.

On the layer farther from the screen, I attached a silhouette of glasses since of course, when going to a 3D movie, you must wear the glasses.

Popup Movie Card - side view

The real trick for this card was creating the various designs for the curtains, the movie goers, and the glasses.  Once I had them though, the rest was easy! I cut them out of cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo, put it all together and presto.  Pop-up movie card.

In case you’d like to make a similar card, here are the image files I pumped into my Silhouette Studio software to create my die-cuts.


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