Playing with fondant

In December 2008, my brother, my sister and I took a private cake decorating class.  It was my first foray into the world of fondant (at least my first foray other than eating it).  For a few hours, we rolled fondant, dyed it with coloring gel, and decorated square cakes to look like presents.

Recently, I was gifted a variety of Fondarific fondant samples.  It was a range of colors and flavors, each one was maybe 2 or 3 ounces.  Not a ton, but enough to play with and make some tiny cakes.  So that’s clearly what I had to do!

To start, I made a mini present cake, covered in white fondant, wrapped with an orange buttercream fondant bow, and I used some strawberry fondant and my Ateco mini shape cutters to cut out diamonds.  The bow didn’t come out quite as well as in our cake class but I plead tiny-is-harder-to-make.  Plus it’s been a few years…

The next attempt was a fondant flower cake, using alternating thin rolls of melon green fondant and buttercream green fondant and cherry red and strawberry pink fondant for the flowers. I also used Wilton sugar pearls to adorn the inside of the flowers.  It was my second flower attempt, after trying hydrangeas about a year prior.

All in all, they were fun (and tasty) experiments in cake decorating!


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