Hooded Baby Blanket

My niece was born on October 3rd.  She is officially 3 weeks old.

And she is in fact the entire reason I decided to learn to knit.  There are just so many cute knit things out there for little ones, I could resist trying my hand at them.

One of her first gifts is a hooded baby blanket made from Misti Alpaca chunky yarn.  I found a pattern on Stitch Me Softly which wasn’t only pretty, it looked like a reasonable project for someone who had just barely learned to knit.

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Knit Topper for a Tea Towel

Crocheted towel holder from Little Birdie Secrets

I will admit, I love me some Pinterest.  The DIY section is pretty much the only area I’ve ever ventured into but all those pictures are a fun way to get inspired for the craftiness. I recently came across a pin for this crocheted towel holder (pictured left). It caught my eye because our oven handle is so close to the oven door that you can barely get a tea towel to hang there.  But!  With a tea towel holder ring, I knew that problem would be solved.  Not to mention, it’s pretty darn cute.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to crochet.  So I decided to make up my own knit pattern to look similar and function identically. Continue reading